‘Positively Outrageous Service’


On a day to day basis, customer service is often taken for granted and yet it is the single most important element of operating a business.

As business owners and managers you need to recognize that shopping isn’t just about product, prices and flyers, it’s a social experience and as part of that experience consumers expect to be treated well.

Positively Outrageous Service is about exceeding customer expectations every opportunity you get. Shopping has changed and so have customer expectations. Online shopping has become the new norm but for those who want the shopping experience have greater expectations now more than ever before.

You can compete with other businesses through price and product but you can beat your competition simply by providing outstanding customer service.

This 4 hour seminar reaches out to owners, managers and staff who together will create a customer service culture that understands the importance of outstanding customer service. It truly is the customer who creates jobs, pays the wages and essentially can close down a business simply by not coming back.

The Melville & District Chamber of Commerce is offering this training seminar to you and your staff. The attendants will practice Saskatchewan Health Authority regulations for COVID 19 by wearing masks and practicing social distancing.

Facilitator Carol Wiens has extensive experience in writing and facilitating this seminar throughout Saskatchewan. Contact Carol at the Melville & District Chamber of Commerce for more information and to book your seminar date now, at 306 728-4700. Cost: $25.00/participant


                                          A quote from a woman named Elizabeth Andrew - -

                                      "volunteers do  not necessarily have the time;

                                         they have the heart"


The Chamber agrees with her.


The Melville Chamber has been involved in this community for over 65 years.  That is 65 years of working towards the betterment of the community.  We are an organization that only succeeds because we can call upon wonderful people like our volunteers who give us their time and expect nothing in return.


We have seen many people give their blood, sweat and tears to our organization.

We have seen business managers give up their evenings to attend a committee planning session even after they spent the past week in meetings of their own.


We have seen business owners give up their lunch hour to make phone calls and organize details of an event.  


We have seen individuals hitting the pavement, knocking on doors and rallying for sponsorships and handing out posters.


We have seen students getting up before sunrise handling the heavy lifting to help their community.  


We have seen non-profit organizations, giving up their weekend to lend a helping hand to our organization and watch over our event.


Looking at everything our volunteers do for us, we not only see the sacrifice they have given but we see how big their hearts are for their community.  

It's something we should all be proud of.

Volunteers are more valuable than most people realize.  


The Melville & District Chamber of Commerce

is extremely grateful for all the work they did.



 A Salute to our Volunteers

Over the years there have been a lot of people and their friends, children and/or grandchildren who have thoroughly enjoyed Chamber events.  

The Chamber Events bring people to our community where they will shop at our businesses, eat at our restaurants, stay in our hotels, etc. 

Volunteers make it possible for the Chamber to create new and different programs and events.  We greatly appreciate their help and hope they will continue to volunteer so we can continue providing events now and into the future.  

We are hoping that in the years to come we will have volunteers stepping forward to help with Chamber events.  The more the merrier; the more ideas and the more suggestions the better.