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Chamber President
Tom Shears

Hello everyone … thank you for attending the 2019 Melville and District Chamber of Commerce ‘Annual General Meeting’

As local businesses we employ many local people, we pay local taxes, and collectively, we contribute to the success of our community.  We, as merchants, strive to offer the best possible service to our patrons so that they shop local.

I would like to take this opportunity to recap Melville’s 2018 and 2019 economic growth… With the restructuring of Melville’s businesses sector here are a few highlights:

Melville’s Bowling Alley welcomed new owners

Vince’s Locksmithing has been rebranded as ‘Impressive Designs’

Home Hardware added to its portfolio by expanding with a lumberyard

The known ‘China House’ has been purchased

The RCMP head quarters had extensive renovations

C/N added new track to their yard track last summer and continuing into this year

with their double track from Melville (starting at the overpass) to Edmonton.

City of Melville offered very affordable housing lots for single family homes….

Melville’s highway 10 corridor has been having steady growth over the last few years to include the relocation of Subway, addition of Sobeys liquor, as well as new owners of Independent (formerly extra foods), as well as rebranding of the gas bar to Mobil ,the new cannabis store Tweed as opened it doors.

The water plant upgrade has brought many new faces to the community through various contractors which fills our service sector in Melville  

The Chambers 2019 Membership drive has seen positive growth with some new committed members….

Co-op will be breaking ground this year for their 10.8 million dollar facility once all of the engineering packages have come forward.

And…. With the new upgraded surface on highway 10 from highway 1 to Melville, 2019 will bring good economic growth to our region!

So,2019 has been holding strong growth for Melville. There is  certainly a lot of forward motion that we aren’t aware of going on behind the scenes



One of our coming challenges will be to look for new innovative ways to help the downtown sector to NOT lose its MOJO (attraction)because of disrepair and business relocation. As Melville has had a very proud history to get us to where we are today, to lose that history, the stories, and all the good memories is not an option.  The chamber has had some discussion with the city of Melville on some ideas as to how to approach the downtown sector and we look forward to seeing how things unfold in the coming seasons.

I have noticed that Beautification Melville has supplied very attractive flower boxes full of colorful arrangements throughout the business sector. This has given the downtown area a very inviting feel as one strolls down the street…. Thank you, Melville Beautification.

These are only a few highlights mentioned and many more

Melville Chamber has been diligent on website updates and events as well as correspondence to many inquiries about our community…..as social media reaches a much larger audience and age ranges.

The Chamber as been offering events that pull our community together and offer a variety of activities, merchandise, and education to visitors and city residents. As each event comes forward.. the ideas and help from our members are what makes each event a success, and re-enforces our community.

I entered the position as Chamber President without a wealth of knowledge about the community and I am very grateful to all of you for your insite and vision to work together to grow our community…. My goal in the coming months is to continually strive for new ideas and work together as a team to offer us, as merchants, and the community, continued success.

We are also looking for volunteers and event coordinators to help with our many fun exciting events that help keep our city THRIVING……….. Thank you




The objective of the Melville & District Chamber of Commerce shall be to support, promote and improve trade, agriculture and commerce and the economic civic and social welfare of the district.
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